Using a Virtual Grand Piano to Record Music

A grand piano is a considered to be the top of the line type of piano that creates the best professional resonance and music. Many professional orchestras, plays and operas use a grand piano to play the music throughout the production. However, the grand piano is usually too large to fit in a normal home or apartment so that the pianist may practice. Therefore, many pianists have purchased a baby grand piano or mini grand piano for their home in order to play at their leisure or practice in private.

Although the piano is aesthetically pleasing to many, sometimes these pianos are still too large to be in a home or apartment. Hence, a new type of grand piano has recently been introduced to pianist lovers everywhere. Because the technology field has changed and improved every year, the newest technology have allowed the latest type of grand piano to become virtual.

The virtual yamaha ypg-535 has many features that is convenient for many pianists. It has a shared digital keyboard and has an easy to read automated scroll LCD screen. This allows the user to read the digital sheet music without worrying about turning the page. The user can also transfer data

between the keyboard and computer. This allows the user to add more music to the pre-loaded expandable music database.

To aide in the process of sharing, uploading and downloading music, the virutal piano comes with a USB port. The virtual piano also has a recorder to record practice sessions with a six track sequencer. The user may record a chord progression and then layer other aspects on top of it such as a melody or a harmony. During playback, the user can tell what they need to modify in order to produce the music they want. After a recording session, the user may use the built-in memory to save the session to one of the sixteen user settings.

The user may also utilize the built-in education suite, which comes equipped with a precise grading system, tempo detection and a waiting mode that waits until the user finds the right note before continuing the lesson. Each lesson has seven levels to be challenging yet attainable learning for the beginner through the most advanced piano player. The student may use the Graded Soft Touch (GST) LCD screen which walks the user through the notations, lyrics and chords at a pace comparable to the user level.

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