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End Your Day in Deal After Exploring Wonderful Kent

Kent County in England is known for its natural beauty–being called

the “Garden of England”s , and it features numerous and varied sights such as the iconic Cliffs of Dover as well as historic castles Kent is only a ninety-minute boat ride to France, and you can even see across the English Channel on clear days. There are plenty of dining options including traditional-style English pubs that date back several hundred years. There is nothing quite like ending a day and having a pint while looking across the English Channel on a warm spring day. There are plenty of sights to see whether you are a fan of history, or just want to spend in the idyllic English countryside.

A History Lover’s Guide to Kent

All of the towns in Kent are unique and have their own charms and sites to see as well as fascinating histories England has a long and lively history. Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, a town in Kent, is one of the most famous Christian structures in England and is a World Heritage Site. The cathedral, founded in 597 and consecrated in 1070 AD, even has a large library onsite.

Deal possesses another historical site that is not to be missed. A town on the sea, residents and tourists alike can take in the wonderful views of the English Channel. There is also the historical Deal castle that was built by Henry VIII between 1539 and 1540 in response to threats from an alliance between the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of France. Although, the castle itself did not see any action until the English Civil War in 1648. Today, the castle is still overseen by a ceremonial captain.

The Deal castle is a great visit for anyone that love a bit of history, but also remember to visit the Canterbury Cathedral to make sure you are able to fully experience the sites that historic Kent has to offer. Kent’s historic sites, combined with its natural beauty, make it a must stop destination those venturing through England.

Kent and the English Countryside

Kent is known as the “Garden of England” features magnificent landscapes known throughout the world. The Canterbury Cathedral and the Cliffs of Dover are two of the most iconic features in Kent. However, Deal in Kent is an excellent way to end a day touring the countryside. Deal has pubs, hotels, and more to make the end of your tour in Kent a memorable and comfortable experience. Locals and tourists are charmed each day by the sights and atmosphere of Kent and the surrounding towns, as each have their own charm and unique places to visit.

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