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The World of Car Washes

A car wash is simply a term to describe a facility that

you can go to get the interior and exterior of your vehicle washed. There are different categories when it comes to these facilities, furthermore, you can wash your vehicle yourself or hire someone to wash it for you. Most of the time people will choose to pay someone else for this service. It makes sense to hire someone else; there are facilities all over town that can wash your vehicle quicker and better than you can yourself.

Self-service facilities let you insert a few coins into a machine and then when it turns on you can use the machine and the tools to wash your own car or truck. These places are great for people that like to clean their vehicle themselves but might not have the space to do it. Using this type of wash will allow you to get rid of your washing tools and utensils. On the other hand, if you rather take it somewhere to have them wash your vehicle, there are many different kinds of facilities out there for you to choose from.

If you like to have your car washed by hand, but do not want to do it yourself, you can take it to a garage that employs people that will diligently wash your vehicle. This will give you the hand wash you desire instead of putting it through an automated machine. You will get a great wash from these facilities but will take more time and cost more money than automatic washes.

The next type of facility that we will take a look at is an In-Bay automatic wash. In these washes there will be rollers that move back and forth to wash your car with water and foam. All you will need to do is drive your car through and when it comes out the other end you will have a shiny clean and dry car. These are great facilities because they are very quick and easy.

Another automatic facility that you can take your car to is a tunnel wash. These washes use conveyor belts to slowly move your vehicle through the washing process. Once your car comes off the conveyor belt you will be able to drive away a completely washed and dried automobile. These machines use water and foam also but the process is longer and uses different techniques. These give the driver more options like a complete wax, tire shine, or even an under body wash.

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