Maui County Releases New Vacation Safety Video

Maui is all about fun – but the best fun is the kind

that is mindful of safety! If you are going on a Maui all inclusive family vacation with younger children, you should keep ocean safety in mind when going on the beach with your little ones.

To help visitors have the best experience while keeping themselves and their families safe, the Maui Visitors bureau and the County of Maui Mayor’s Office have produced an ocean safety video that explains the basics of safe swimming and beach-going.

The video contains a number of common-sense suggestions from island fire and ocean safety officials. These suggestions include checking high surf and shore break advisories before going swimming, in order to avoid dangerous waves and rough weather. The video also suggests paying close attention to posted signs, such as signs that warn about shore breaks, currents, tree roots and other hazards.

The video goes on to make suggestions on safe swimming practices; for example, it’s strongly cautioned that swimmers avoid turning their backs to large waves, to avoid neck or back injuries. If you’re swimming and you see a big wave approaching, safety officials suggest facing the wave and diving under it, instead of trying to swim over it.

The video gives swimmers helpful advice on dealing with ocean currents, tides and other potential swimming dangers. Maui officials also discuss safe practices for paddle boarding, snorkeling and other ocean activities.

Maui is a true vacation paradise for families of all sizes and kids of all ages; we at Royal Lahaina Resort hope to see your family here as well! Book your vacation today, have fun and stay safe!

Jason Brown

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