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A Guide to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonly thought of as an old man’s problem. It might be a

normal circumstance for older men or when a man reaches a certain age, there are also a lot of young men today are having this problem. A study was conducted in 2013 showing one-forth of men under the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction. Poor physical health such as diabetes, heart disease, circulatory and nerve systems affects greatly on having an erection in older men. Young men who may have physical health problems may also affect his performance in the bedroom. Here are some of the common causes in young men who are having erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction: What it is?

Erectile dysfunction in men shows different evidence:

Could not have erections

Erections are not hard enough to have sex

Erections only last for a couple of minutes.

While other have several symptoms, others only has one. It can also be chronic for others while some occurs every now and then.

Erectile dysfunction in young men and its causes are:

Alcohol: He is active but he needs to have a few drinks to get pumped up, in that case alcohol is the reason. Too much alcohol has several effects on the body and it does not help in getting an erection.

Our nervous system is the primary organs that is affected by the amount of alcohol we drink. Our nerves slows down in picking up sensation when we drink alcohol.

When a guy is too drunk, he is not sensitive enough to get hard.

Alcohol can also open up blood vessels all through out the body. Which means that the blood that should be rushing to your manhood it will simply go right out, that means no erection.

Continuous drinking or heavy drinkers may have constant erectile dysfunction symptoms. Long term effects of alcohol can mess up with your testosterone levels which is also vital in maintaining a healthy sex drive and erectile ability.

Psychological issues: Psychological problems such as depression, anxiety or shame also loses a man’s capability to get an erection.

Hormonal balance can also interfere when having these conditions; with the increase in hormone cortisol it decreases the testosterone.

During sex, when a man is distracted with all the negative thoughts he won’t be able to focus or even experience attraction.

Frequent masturbation trains their manhood to react to some form of stimuli.

This is not a problem to most men. The problem arises when their manhood will no longer respond to a situation like having a partner.

Viewing hard core pornography or using a death grip on your manhood are the 2 problematic tendencies.

Self pleasuring and does not simulate in real life can cause erectile dysfunction when doing it with a partner.

Try to check your self pleasuring habit if you can perform well on your own but could not get it off with a partner.

Relationship problems: Sometimes the reason for erectile dysfunction is your relationship itself or your partner. It is quite difficult to have a healthy sex life with your partner if you have unresolved issues, or lack of trust.

Aside from taking care of your manhood, you should also check a possible culprits of erectile dysfunction. Proper hygiene and instantly provide attention to any skin problems that may arise.

Your manhood experience friction everyday, so always check the skin condition. Health professionals often recommend high quality creams for your manhood. If dryness occurs, apply recommended health creams.

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