Gorgeous Beaches you Can only Find in Tayrona

A 30-minute drive from the city of Rodadero gives you the opportunity of witnessing one of the loveliest coastlines in the world! That’s Tayrona National Park for you!

Lush with a forest of palms and coconuts, the charismatic charm of the park will surely make you relaxed, happy and I gotta tell you; you might get addicted to it so that’s a fair warning! This is Colombia’s side of

Caribbean heaven where you can surf, swim, build white castles off the sands or sip coconut water while lulling yourself to sleep on a hammock! There’s an in-depth article about Tayrona in WanderingTrader Travel Blog in case you want to know more about the other destinations in the park including adventurous activities.

Just don’t wander too far from the coast as there are some spots where it’s deep or dangerous.

Jason Brown

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