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Why Baseball is More than Just a Sport

There are many different sports in the world, and they all range based on how popular they are in certain geographical areas, based on how complicated they are, and even based on how dangerous they are. America is home to a wide variety of sports that many other countries do not partake in, or may not have even heard of, but a sport’s prominence varies within this

country as well.

Something that is quite interesting about American society and sports is that how popular a sport is in terms of things like viewership and ticket sales can be different from how much respect a sport has. The sport that best exemplifies this difference is baseball, because everyone knows about baseball and the greats such as Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson, but it does not sell as many tickets as a number of other sports. Taking a closer look, I think most people would realize why baseball might not have the same prominence as more intense sports such as football or basketball. Baseball is not considered as much of a “bang bang” sport as ones that are very fast moving, because every pitch counts, and baseball players take their time during play. However, for reasons such as ones previously mentioned about how every pitch counts and players taking their time, can be exactly the reason that this country holds this game so close to it’s heart.

Things that separate baseball, such as the fact that there is no running clock, allow baseball to represent certain things that other sports can not do, which is something that people love about the game. Although it may not be everyone’s favorite sport in this country, what baseball did to people in the months after the World Trade Center attacks is what is so special about the potential that baseball has. After terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, not everyone may have realized it, but there are multiple things that allowed baseball to play a big part in the recovery of our nation. In the first game to be played after the terrorist attack, and in every game around the country, there was an overwhelming amount of support for the Yankees, and it was the first opportunity for this country to show it’s unity from any civilian. To add to that, many people believe President Bush’s first pitch in Yankee Stadium during the World Series was a really a statement to Americans and to anyone that threatens us, seeing as it was right down the middle of the plate. Many believe baseball is the only sport that can evoke feelings such as those that were evoked during that time in history, which is why it is regarded as America’s pastime.

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